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Techniques used in a Treatment


Thin stainless steel needles are inserted in specific points along the body’s meridians. They are gently manipulated and usually left in place for 30-45 min.


Chinese Herbs

chinese herbal formulas are custom-made based on your condition to either help treat an illness, or strengthen the body to prevent illness. The herbs are taken as a tea. Ready-made herbal formulas are also available in tablet or pill form.



Special glass cups are suctioned onto areas of the body to reduce muscle tension, clear toxins from the body, and improve circulation.

A small flame is used to create suction before placing the glass cups.

Also, plastic cups may be used with the use of a special pump to create suction.



The herb mugwort is burned indirectly over areas of the body in order to stimulate the acu-points, or warm painful joints, sore muscles, or even to improve digestion and the immune system. The herb is either rolled into a small cone and placed over a slice of ginger or herbal ointment, or placed on top of the needle. Or, 'pole moxa' is held a few inches from the body to gently warm the area.



Asian massage techniques are used to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians. Also tuning forks may be used to stimulate the point via vibrations.  


Gua Sha

Massage oil is applied and then a smooth tool made of either jade or stainless steel is stroked over an area (usually the back) in order to release toxins.

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